Raven Base Series

New Raven series Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, thanks to its durable carbon frame bodies, offering sustainable and enduring solutions for industrial problems and needs. While foldable arms providing easy to carry or storing, foldable legs make sure to have no leg interference in the high quality pictures or videos taken.
Raven Base platform is designed to be integrated with any of the payloads required based on the application. This payload could be a high resolution DSLR, high capacity zooming camera, a thermal camera, sensor box or a critical load release box mechanism. Raven series are able to carry 4kg+ payloads.
High payload capacity of Raven series enables the UAV to have extra batteries on board which results into 45 minutes flight durations.

Suitable Payloads

Flir Vue Pro

  • 640×512 Resolution
  • 5.7 x 4.5 cm Dimensions
  • 112 grams
  • 7.5 – 13.5 µm Spectral Band
  • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
  • Digital Zoom Feature
  • Optional Radiometry Feature
  • Ideal for UAV Search and Rescue Missions


  • 3-axis 30x zoom gimbal camera
  • 4MP camera
  • Gimbal angles: Tilt/Roll/Pan: ±90°/±85°/±150°
  • Output: HDMI – SD Card (yes)
  • Control method: PWM
  • Possess HD 1080p video
  • Fast auto-focus speed
  • Real-time video transmission
  • Small size and designed for UAV aerial photography


High Performance Professional Remote Controller
  • 2,8” Capacitive Color Display
  • 610 grams
  • 20 dB 100mW Transmit Power
  • 000 mAh Built-in Lipo Battery
  • Bi-directional UART connection
  • Optional Digital Video Link (5 km)

Technical Specifications

Raven Base
Dimensions (mm)1,160 x 1,160 x 518
Folded Dimensions (mm)427 x 655 x 518
Folding DirectionDownwards
Wheelbase (mm)1,100
Battery6S - 10,000 mAh (2 units)
Base Weight6.5 kg (2 batteries included)
Maximum Payload4 kg
Maximum Flight Duration45 minutes
Maximum Flying Altitude3,200 m
Remote Control Range10,000 m
Propellers20 inch, Foldable, Carbon Fiber