About MR

Today, UAV’s are redefining industries. Professionals in filmmaking, volunteers in search and rescue, farmers in agriculture, solar fields, defense and civil security and more trust MR Aviation to bring new perspectives to our customers works and help them accomplish their tasks safer, faster, and with better efficiency than ever before.

Our humble beginnings started with innovation on engineering, research and development. Up until today founders of the MR Aviation accomplished numerous successful investments on niche technologies.

Our commitment to research, a sustainable innovation from intelligent curiosity, and a focus on transforming complicated technology into easy to use end user devices bring us success.

MR Aviation is also working as an engineering office specializing in the production of customized professional UAV solutions. It supports you throughout all stages of your work, from the specialized design of the drone to its manufacture and tests on the field.

Development in every part of life is important. Rather than businessmen, we are engineers first and foremost, always in the pursuit of better. We believe that people deserve the highest quality products technology and experience can deliver to them, but not at the expense of the world we live in.

Technology must always move, but with care and consciousness, grounded in the present, realistic, humble and practical, even with an optimistic eye toward the future. We call it beneficial technologies.