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As MR Aviation and Technologies Ltd. our main business runs on following branches:

Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

We are providing tailor-made flying platforms just for your industrial needs.

Professional Flying Imaging Systems

We build UAV's carrying top-notch imaging euipments that fits your needs: thermal imaging, high optical zoom, smart surveillance systems and professional filming solutions are not a dream.

Advisory and Education

Grow your business with power of UAV armies. We do best to explain what you can do with UAV's and provide know-how that helps to carry your horizon further.

Auxiliary Power Units

When LiPo's aren't enough, we offer ultra - light power sources for your UAV's and other mobile needs.


Payload UAV's

Standard UAV's

UAV Applications

Special Design UAV's For Your Needs

UAV Inspection & Monitoring

Drone-based inspection of wind farm, power stations, solar panels and airplanes.

UAV Surveying & Mapping

High tech autopilot system permitted the survey to be completed in a quarter of the time and with greatly improved accuracy compared to traditional tools.

UAV Package Delivery or Load Release

Fast package delivery, or payload release on required coordinates such as firefighting or emergency tools delivery.

UAV Condition Survey & Civil Engineering

For detailed building stock condition survey and structural health monitoring for civil engineering. Save risky and costly height works with scaffolds, cranes or helicopters.

UAV Precision Agriculture

For precision agriculture in crop research and agronomic development.

UAV Aerial Imaging Systems

For professionals and ambitious amateurs are delighted by perfect series of images and videos by multi copters.

Contact with us for your special usage UAV demands.

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